Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deadline approaces

Yups! Once again, it's editing time. And, as it should, Deadline is standing on the porch dressed in a black cloak with his scythe ready for a swift beheading, should it come to that. With only 24 hours to go I am up to my neck in 134 video tracks, 7 hours of rendering and 5 hours of exporting.

The rendering is definitely the worst part. Just sitting there, unable to do anything but watch and wait for an epic workload that's getting bigger by the minute. It doesn't help that the software keeps crashing every freaking second ether! To quote my beloved lecturer Stan Jones: "The computers are against us". Things are looking grim indeed, so I'm just gonna make myself a nice cup of tea and do a crossword... Yeah right!

Face hidden in the shadows cast by the hood, fingers longingly stroking the shaft of its scythe, Deadline is tingling with anticipation.

1 comment:

  1. Holy CRAP!! That is a massive timeline. Props to you, bro - what a seriously ambitious project - and you nailed it. Love the finished product. It was a pleasure to meet and study with you.