Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The film starts of with a blank frame only broken by a few weak and fleeting reflections of light. Gradually an orchestrated musical piece fades in, at the same time as small colourful particles starts descending into the frame. At this point only light rhythmical instruments accompanied by violin or flute are in use. As the music increases in volume and intensity the colourful particles also escalates in size until they become recognizable as moving shapes in what appears to be liquid. The orchestral piece then takes a darker turn and black colour starts mixing with the brighter ones, disturbing the harmony. Deeper instruments, such as cello and contrabass, can now clearly be distinguished from the lighter rhythms. Following the increased intensity of the music both black and colour starts taking shapes as different coloured droplets bursting into underwater explosions. Following a gracious battle between light and dark the colours gradually get the upper hand and chase the black away with an impressive display of liquid firework. The music then decreases to its original pace while the colours slowly blend in and becomes one with the liquid.

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